The American Bar Association
November 10, 2009

(to Pat Larson)

Dear Pat,

Interesting word you used. What makes a case "worthy"?

Sorry a year late in responding with my contact information.
Said I'd send it. But I've become impaired from it all.
That's where it began. On a mental health issue.

Actually I think it would make anyone mentally ill.
I don't think there's anything mentally healthy about any of it.

Also I need to challenge a statute. And represent 3 classes:
* LPS ("mental health") malpractice victims.
* Unpaid plaintiffs.
* Unrepresented litigants.

And I need money. Desperately.
It's "product liability" -- there's nothing mentally healthy about *any* of it.
It would make *anyone* mentally ill.

I have no money, Social Security or health insurance and my non-profit organisation
providing civil legal services (in kind) to this indigent here (me) was bankrupted by
a $19,000 emergency surgery I required last August. A jury trial should make
short shrift of any question about the definition of a non-profit. My life hangs
by the thread of foreclosure. As does the suit itself. I'm late. VERY late.
I need to file my appeal AND my Second Amended Complaint by Dec. 4.
Or it will be dismissed.

I need a true blue pro-bono lawyer who will help me sue the Bar Association for one.
Someone who will help me (if only with just simple telephone support answering the simple
questions I have) with no expectation of any reward whatever.
How soon can you come up with one?

I figure I might have one chance in a half million if I enjoin your entire membership
under Section 382 of our Civil Code of Procedure (aka: "which side are you on?").

"Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice"
For only those who can afford it?
Why isn't is "Justice for ALL"
How's *that* for concision, eh?

I think our former DA (George Kennedy) said it best: "I don't work for free"
I hear there's 200,000 of them here in California.
The elevators were out when I showed up at the Santa Clara County Bar Assoc. last Oct. 30.
And I'm still waiting for Chris Burdick to return my calls.
I've knocked on all the doors I can find. And been "referred and referred".

Sorry I'm late getting back to you with my contact information.
Just publish my website to your membership.
I don't have time to mail out the appeal notice to them all: 
I figure I've might have one chance in a half million that one of you
might actually believe in it. And join me as a plaintiff.

Looking forward to hearing from you. And thanks for letting me record our conversation: 
You're probably one of the few (if not the *only* one) who wasn't bothered by it at all.

Best wishes,


Geoffrey Mangers
4124 Ross Park Dr.
San Jose, CA 95118-1761

(408) 978-8646 (private) <-- try first, if busy:
(408) 978-3149 (public)
sorry for the answering machines, please don't be shy about leaving a message,
feel free to call any day Sat, Sun, Holidays. And any time: 10am - 10pm (Pacific Time)