Board of Supervisors Speech February 28, 2012

  I'm Geoffrey Mangers.


When I call Yellow Cab I hear that my call may be recorded.  No, they donít ask my permission because they want to stay in business.  And make sure my call is answered expeditiously, professionally and with courtesy.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I wish I could say the same for my calls to the county over the years.  Which I can best describe as:

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

The Good: yes, it can happen.


The Bad: routinely dumped into unresponsive voice mail.


Then there's the Ugly:  Sgt. Lamond Davis telling me I'd be cited under section 653m of the Penal Code if I persisted after being transferred by Jennifer Allmand who picked up when I called county counsel's phone number on July 1st, 2009 for their organization chart expecting to find it with County Counsel's supervisor.


Without supervision there's no accountability.  Especially if there's no published record of it. 

The next day Miguel Marquez' was appointment was announced.


I'd still like to know if this was done to me on Ann Ravel's watch.  And what she knew and when she knew it.  After I handed a copy of my suit 5 months earlier to Lori Pegg. Who was the only one that asked me of it that day after I served you all with it publicly in February of 2009.  And of its disposition thereafter.  Because the phone went silent, dead silent, at county counsel when I tried to follow up with Lori who was the only person who had a copy of it. 


I had 6 copies with me that day and left with 5.  And didn't know I should have brought 9.  And handed a copy to the DA (who walked past me... twice), the Sheriff (who stood nonchalantly at the window in front of me), the Clerk and every Board member. 


And wish someone had told me that.


You can find my phone number and address.  And the recording on


I'm Geoffrey Mangers.  Thank you.