El Camino Hospital
Board Meeting: 10-13-10
(from my speech)

"Any competent hospital learns by its mistakes.  Just as I must.  And it's much faster if you can sit down face to face and "cut to the chase".  Mediation is mandatory anyway in California.

CCP section 382 tells me that anyone who should be joined as plaintiff may be made a defendant the reason thereof being stated in the complaint.  The reason thereof is because it is stated in your charter. You are to bring health to this community.  To me and all the rest in my class of misdiagnosed LPS malpractice victims in this community."


A lack of supervision:

Sept. 21, 2010: An appointment to meet Wes Alles who suggested we do so on the lower level where the piano is.  Which I did.  Somewhere between ~4:15 and ~4:30, as I recall, two (apparently security) men came over and told me I had to leave and was only allowed to be there if I required medical attention.   They were wearing what appeared to be official hospital ID badges but their dominating manner didn't allow me to look at them long enough to make sure the faces matched, only the spelling of their names (it's not uncommon to find employees wearing someone else's badge).  I later learned that security is contracted meaning they are not actually hospital employees but appeared to be wearing official hospital badges.

I was told the police had been called (to whom I would have been quite happy to explain my situation just as I tried to do to them explaining I had an appointment to meet one of the people I pointed to on their organisation chart (that I had with me).  The larger one asked who.  I asked for the name of the person who gave them the order to remove me.  And learned it wasn't Ken Graham.  Nor was this order coming through his supervisor.

I never did get a chance to explain it to a police officer.  The larger one took me by the arm.  I asked him what he was doing.  When I heard I was going to be taken into an elevator I raised my voice and requested to be allowed to leave by the public exit: up the stairs.  They relented.  Halfway up Wes appeared, hastened down the stairs, pointing to them behind me with the words "thank you" and invited me outside where we sat and got to know each other and gave me the half hour he said he would. Which I very much enjoyed.  I do very much like Wes (we may have our differences on the "shortage of beds" issue).  Anyway, I very much wanted to meet him personally.  Had I done as they instructed, I would have missed him completely.

I'd like an explanation of why this happened to me that day.  And the name of the person who ordered that I be removed from the hospital.  I've left several voice mail messages for (what I understand to be their head of security) Ken King (and his secretary) requesting this.  I've asked Wes also for it.  I tried calling security for an answer:

10-12-10: Why calls need to be recorded for quality and training purposes

And I tried asking for the name at the last Board meeting: "Is there any supervision?" I asked.