El Camino Hospital Speech for 8-11-10 (not allowed to give)

Note: the public comment section was published on their website as 6:10pm. I arrived just before 5:45pm and
learned from Wes that the public comment section had passed. Earlier I left a voice mail for him letting him
know that I wanted to be there.

My name is Geoffrey Mangers. My website is publicforall.com. Publication itself is a slow process. As I am myself.

3 minutes, eh.  That’s a mean clock.  So is the court's. 12 days ago I personally filed my first papers with the Supreme Court.

It's an interesting exercise serving a summons without a CMC date.  I could use some time to catch up and correct some mistakes anyway. All must be corrected. Including any made by the court itself.  And I hope this concept isn't lost upon a hospital also.  The mistakes of the court I have regard unpublished cy près distributions and Habeus Corpus -- these so-called LPS "temporary conservatorships".

I could use some assistance in my endeavor. Once again I will cite Section 382 concisioning it slightly::
anyone who should be joined as plaintiff may be made a defendant, the reason thereof being stated in the complaint

At the last Board meeting Dr. Havel suggested I get in touch with him after the meeting. I've been trying.  Anyway, for the record, I'd like to request "equal time" to promote my own Mental Health program.  Which will take more than 3 minutes.  That our Civil Grand Jury itself proposed many years ago commenting:

“Is the incarceration of people on the margin of society and the investment in custodial healthcare the most [cost] effective way to improve their situation?”

I'd like to make the point that if someone isn't suicidal or gravely disabled that they could easily become so after being billed $29,333.36 for being locked up in some suicide ward for 8 days.  All of these bills went into collection. Including your's for $28,014 I never even received.   I need to go back over it all with everyone before memories fade into complete oblivion.

Any competent hospital learns by its mistakes. Just as I must.  And it's much faster if you can sit down face to face and "cut to the chase".  Mediation is mandatory anyway in California.

I have a handout on Accountability.  To help outline who all my defendants are.  Section 382 ones or otherwise.  It's not Santa Clara County.  That’s not what I filed.

First you need to understand what the problem is. You're not Psychiatric Solutions, Inc.  And you're not National Medical Enterprises.  I hope!
It would be nice if I could find at least one of you willing to join me as a plaintiff in all this.

"You can't fix it" Dr. Florence Keller told me in a moment of honest candor and I don't know why she had any doubts whatever: "or maybe you can.."You can find my phone number on my case website document repository that Judge Cabrinha read into the record and encouraged me to continue with along with the Appeal itself: "When are you going to do that?" he demanded.  Finally granting my accommodation request.

It would be nice if you could also read it into your record.  PUBLICFORALL.COM.  Thank you.
Please call me: 408 978 8646