Speech to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors October 26, 2010
My name is Geoffrey Mangers.

Apart from being slow and naļve, I am prone to many errors which I need to correct. It's not the DA, but County Counsel who advises the Civil Grand Jury who told you all in 2003 what was creating the shibboleth of a "shortage of beds". I need to know the present percentage of people who are brought to EPS and diagnosed into mental hospitals. And if no one knows about National Medical Enterprises we're all in trouble.

A complex case -- misdesignated as not, is virtually impossible to even file, let alone appeal. And mine is highly complex with many intertwined issues. And been mis-designated, mis-titled, mis-joined, and mis-understood from the outset. And easily dismissed.

Judge Cabrinha asked me for names. That means I need unambiguous records of supervision over EPS back to 2001. Without them there is no accountability.

I could use some quick answers to simple questions:

Who is to join me under section 382?
Who will defend County Counsel?
Who do I serve?

My number is (408) 978-8646. And publicforall dot com. Please call me. Thank you.