Oh, the Humanity..
So *this* is the problem!(?)
2/28/13 - Vance Jarrard (Don Wagner's Office): he doesn't know.

 The most EXCITING MESSAGE of my 50's childhood has been lost!

And I fear our state government has also missed it .


At 5pm each day we made sure our parents had those TV's warmed up and functioning in good repair.  If we missed that Intro each time, there was hell to pay..  Over and over it was drilled into us:

".. fighting the never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American way .."

And if a mild-mannered wimp like Clark Kent could do it, it meant that *anyone* could! 
Vance (and who knows how many countless others from subsequent generations) have had those formative years deprived of the Empowerment of this lifelong and Exciting Inspiration.

Oh, the Humanity..
It's "George Reeves" not "Christopher Reeve"!
They’ve been watching the wrong one!

 Who's responsible for this mix-up and why haven't they been deported?
How could this National tragedy have been allowed to even happen at all?
Why hasn't there been a Congressional Investigation into it?


Perhaps, it's not too late.  Mothers: "Aux armes!" before it is.

The very future of our country is at stake here. 

It takes less than a minute (53 seconds to be precise). 

Play it over and over in their cribs.  In High Definition Quadraphonic IMAX.

Make sure they can HEAR it -- the thrill of that stirring soundtrack -- from the BEGINNING!

Play it to the state Legislature, maybe they’ve all missed it as well (I already know the Judiciary Committees have).  Make sure they all know it before I pass out my flyer to them or they'll never understand it!



Here's how:

Type or "copy and paste" the following line in the Google search box:
50s Superman Intro

Or click on any of the following links:



Or click on www.publicforall.com\vance.htm

Remember, our country's very future rests upon it!