work in progress..  (hoping to finish most of it by the end of today October 29, 2014)

  The 2014 El Camino Healthcare District Election 
"The citizens of your district did not elect you to come up with an Enron"
I told their Board.  Maybe I'm wrong.

  I wish someone would run for office representing the interests of patients.   
How many other families have they bankrupted with their unnecessary procedures at double and triple the fair market rate?

The Candidates
  I have some questions for them starting with: 
"How do you feel about refunds?"

Unanswered February 9, 2011 letter to their Board
I was peacably waiting in the lobby to meet with their Chairman who was delayed by 15 minutes and fortunately appeared at the top of the stairs just in time. "Thank you!" he said pointing to them directing them to stand down.  Then turned around and invited me outside.  That's not what we had planned to do.  I asked them if that order to remove me came from Ken Graham (their former CEO) and learned it had not. Several months later I discovered that the day after I left this letter with the Board that their CEO was out on a split vote: 3 to 2.  And I wish they could get Ken Graham (or someone like him) back.

The purchase of Los Gatos Community Hospital and the doubling the price of their lithotripsies:
The Grand Jury Investigation

Kidney Stones and Lithotripsy
(my story -- why I and my class are owed refunds)
Lithotripsy Price Comparisons
A Substandard, Incompetent and Unrequested Billing Review
Request for a Competent Billing Review
Did their CEO actually send me this letter?
  90-day Notice of Intention to Sue the El Camino Hospital Board -- simply for a Response 
My October 2014 Speech on the Election  (and David Reeder)

Better Business Bureau "F"  Rating -- does anyone care?


Geoffrey Mangers - October 29, 2014