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  It's "Justice for ALL" -- anything less isn't.  (408) 978-8646  

Welcome to my lawsuit
in pro per (because I can't afford a lawyer)

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Geoffrey Mangers
("jeffrey MANjers")

My email address:

Phone: (408) 978-8646 "This is Geoffrey Mangers welcoming your courageous, honorable and responsive message which may be after the beep"

(sorry for the answering machines, please don't be shy about leaving a message)
[best times to call: 10am - 10pm (Pacific Time), any day incl. Sat & Sun & Holidays]

 The 2014 El Camino Hospital Election
I should have finished this long before the election .. oh well, at least I finished it for the 2016 election...
"How do you feel about refunds?" I asked thier Board ".. Any smiles?"

In the Supreme Court of the State of California
Petition for Review
was due May 8, 2013
I tried for an Extension of Time to file it: "denied"
20 days of default, after May 28 jurisdiction falls into the US Supreme Court.
Correction! Remittitur -- and to be recalled.
(my problem is that I'm slow .. real real slow)

Provisional Appellant's Opening Brief

"No Reporting without Recording"

The Assembly Judiciary Committee Hearing on AB251  (April 9, 2013  - 49 minutes)

So *this* is the problem(!?)    2/28/13
It's "George Reeves" not "Christopher Reeve"!
This is for Vance 

Dismissed March 29, 2013
In the Court of Appeal of The State Of California - Sixth Appelate District Case #H038377

Motion to Correct the Record
"No your Honor, this is what you said..
.. here, let me play it back for you."
(How many court reporters have ever said that to a judge?)

Digital Court Reporting in Orange County .. (oops, correction, not California)
"I don't know why they don't do that" (Ofc. George Chang, Sixth District Court of Appeals, San Jose, CA)

"This involves a reporter?"  (Asst. DA Terry Harman)
Hooray for the Judicial Council! -- thanks for trying:  California Court Reporters Assn. v. Judicial Council of California
"When Push Comes to Shove Between Court Rule and Statute.."  by Glenn S. Koppel
Initiation of the Motion to be completed and served on the California Legislature by Dec. 26, 2012  Jan. 11, 2013
Senate   Assembly
Jim Beall My former County Supervisor, Assemblymember & now State Senator
Paul Fong Assemblymember

Assembly Judiciary Committee    Senate Judiciary Committee   (convene Jan. 7, 2013)

More coming .. stay tuned..                             12-29-2012

I wish someone would run for office on a platform of a
"War on Corruption"

It's called 'Malpractice'

“If the motto ‘and justice for all’ becomes ‘and justice for those who can afford it,’ we threaten the very underpinnings of our social contract.”
Past California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald M. George - State of the Judiciary speech - 2001

Q.E.D. -- thank you Emeritus Chief Justice George.

Over and over he has spoken out upon it -- The problem plight* of unrepresented disenfranchised* litigants remains acute.
And has urged the Bar to do better on it.  Enough with the "urging" already.
*:  (edits mine and I think he'd agree with the improvement G.M.)
80% of litigants are unrepresented.  Why?  Is that Justice?  That's my case.
And I saw it demonstrated for me vividly at my first CMC conference (asking for an extension) as I waited for my case to be called.  (story to follow)

Returning to court (on a truly bizarre issue):
The Petition of Geoffrey Lloyd Mangers
PUBLIC Hearing: May 14, 2012  1:30pm  Dept. 3   Case# 1-12-MH-037559
Superior Court, Santa Clara County, 191 N. First St., San Jose CA 95113

Petition for Writ of Certiorari
For an answer to this simple question:
Why should *anyone* have to pay $1545 to "Petition1"(!?) for a right2 already guaranteed to them by the Constitution (as well as the law itself 3)?

1: with 57 copies of it
(including proof of service + dealing with all the software problems, writing, printing, mailing costs et al.) which will be rejected when I  attempt to file it at all of these courts:
     Orig + 4 copies to Calif. Appeals court + $655 (filing fee)
     Orig + 10 copies to Calif. Supreme court + $590 (filing fee)
     Orig + 40 copies to US Supreme Court + $300 (filing fee)
2: the 4th Amendment
3: the Medical Privacy Act (state and federal)

"First, do no harm" - The 4th Amendment
Petition for Writ of Prohibition
A privacy violation is a bell that cannot be unrung.
The Lanchester Settlement $3.9million (I'm a class member, and with a real privacy issue)

Opening Statement


Returning to court - April 23, 2012 1:30pm Dept. 3

A deadline: "brief to follow" (should have been mailed already, I'm slow..) - after this May 23 I won't be allowed to file it.  And discovered the form at the last minute.  On a truly bizarre issue that I have no interest whatever in.  Save to discover the reason why.

"I see it all the time" (DDA Aaron West)

Habeas Corpus
I need to introduce myself to the Probate Dept. eventually anyway for when I file the MC-265.
"When are you going to do that!" (maybe I'll hear it from Judge Cain this time)

In the US Supreme Court - July 16, 2012
Application/Request for Extension of Time to file my Petition for Writ of Certiorari

Board of Supervisors Speech February 28, 2012

"This call may be recorded (for quality and training purposes)" -- what happens when it's not
Ann Ravel's legacy?  If not, then whose?
Who supervises County Counsel?  -- *Is* there any supervision?

The only organization chart of County Counsel I've been able to find cuts off quickly at the top leaving the rest of it a complete mystery.

"Probably 3 years .. could be longer .. depending on how it was done" (Marc Buller)

Dateline: July 1, 2009

The clock was timing out on me.  I knew Ann Ravel would be leaving imminently (if not already) for Washington and from past experience that it was pointless to leave any further voice mails for her or to try to reach her through their receptionist's phone number: 408.299.5500.  So I thought I'd try for her supervisor (which from my limited knowledge appeared to be, but wasn't entirely sure on this one, the County Executive, then Gary Graves who was replaced the following month).

On page 13 of my complaint was my deposition under penalty of perjury of the framing of an innocent officer with an assault and battery and I asked Mark Bernal (in "Risk Management") to make sure the DA (then Dolores Carr) saw it.  But never seemed to get an acknowledgment out of him that this would happen (in fact, all I seemed to get was him trying to desperately convince me the complaint no longer existed).  The only copy the county had after I served them with it publicly on February 10, 2009 was the one I gave to Lori Pegg who Mark Bernal told me went to John Winchester and then himself.  The question I'm left with is if Ann Ravel ever saw it (or anyone else in the line of supervision -- which is why you need the org-chart).  Lori Pegg could have kept it hidden from her.  I needed to know, in essence, what County Counsel knew and when they knew it.  If at all.  And who knew it.  And would only be able to find the answers from them personally (never trust a subordinate, it's hearsay anyway and prone to all sorts of error, intentional or not).  The answer I got was, in essence, to stop asking these questions and that if I persisted I'd be cited under section 653m of the Penal Code.   "I'm out of my league" I thought to myself after hearing this.  A county counsel's office with sergeants from the Sheriff's office at their disposal to intimidate plaintiffs (and undoubtedly any of the plaintiff's lawyers as well) if they get out of line.  "Who do you call?"

The whole thing would make anyone ill.  And illness is excusable delay.

I will never abandon this case

Supreme Court of the United States
(202) 479-3000
Case Handling Guide for IFP Cases
Rules of the Supreme Court

The denial of the recall of a remittitur can be petitioned to the California Supreme Court.  If denied, ultimately it's the petition to the US Supreme Court itself -- I have only 90 days to do so if necessary but don't know how to effectively do that yet in time.  I have a long "todo" list and much to catch up with, already a year behind on updating this site (still only half complete). And I must explain all my delays et al.

Everyone knows it broken, it only lacks for someone to effectively file the complaint and get it in front of a jury.  "Your're not going to get anywhere" Anthony Lewis told me, until I finish my filing and serving.  Sorry I'm late, I know you've been waiting awhile now to see it across your desk there.  You will.

Next: the "todo" list itself ..

11-15-2011, 11-16-2011

Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (LPS Act)
(I never leave home without it)..

"MENTAL HEALTH FUNDING MISUSED?"  May 29, 2011, San Jose Mercury News (CA)
(a good article, comments by former chair Ron Heninger, link lost -- wish I knew where to find a copy) similar views here:
Whistleblower says Prop 63 not working in Cal.

Appellant's Opening Brief
A "work in progress" .. Please be patient..  and "stay tuned"..
I'm trying to get it all up as quickly as possible.  My problem is that I'm slow.  It's so frustrating to "know what it all is" and lacking "the high speed micro-chip brain interface" be held up by one's own inability to get it all down fast enough.  Alas, I'd like to some day be able to get it all organised better than I have so far.
Habeas Corpus (I missed this one, I miss a lot of things):
Outline of Original Proceedings and Relief Ancillary to Appeal


The Supreme Court
Supreme Court of California
350 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-4797
(415) 865-7000


Sixth District Court of Appeal

They are the same case:
H035035  H035318
Docket: H035035 H035318

"caption in dispute"*
The county is also a victim in this created by it's own inability to require accountability:
G. Mangers vs The County Of Santa Clara, Et. Al.
"Et. Al."-- list of defendants still incomplete (many still unknown)
(including the Section 382 ones, who should be joining me as plaintiffs)

Suing for my sanity
(and on behalf of all the others in my class -- it would make anyone crazy).
that's not how I filed it, the best description of it I could think of I titled:
The LPS ("Mental Health") $Malpractice$ Complex

"As long as it takes"
(Sylvia Romero)
Exceptional circumstances have as yet to be absent.  The whole thing would make anyone ill.  You can't even file a complex case1 without the designation, let alone appeal it.  "Ultimately, on the issue of unrepresented litigants, a half million2" I told Judge Elfving who then recused himself.  As did Judges Emerson, Levinger and Kleinberg.  Presiding Judge Jacobs-May then had to order it (7-30-09), "for all further pre-trial proceedings, except discovery", into Judge Cabrinha's court.  "We need more judges" I told the court bluntly (10-30-09).  After seeing how overwhelmed it was.  Indeed, one of my first questions (8-26-09) to the court was to ask it how much time it had.  "Not much" I heard bluntly.  The court was right (12-4-09): I have an issue with the state on this one.  I might as well have asked how much justice I could expect.

1: I've learned that neither an indigent nor a pro se has ever been allowed a complex designation, even though the rules allow for it (correction, I asked Carl Schulhoff to look into this for me and subsequently learned from Rowena Walker that indeed some have.  And Anyway, Jorge Navarette confirmed that in his two decades with the court, not a single litigant has shown up upon his (the Supreme Court's) doorstep with this complaint. 
2: explaining I didn't think the court had the capacity for it and that the only way I knew how to do it was with a website.  Neither the Santa Clara County Bar 3, nor the state Bar, nor the American Bar have as yet to come up with a lawyer to help me.  And I've requested it.  Many many times now.
3: "You're taking too much time and you have to leave" the SCCBA told me the last time.  "Chris Burdick, right?" I asked the unidentified woman who came out.  No answer.  I wasn't even able to ask for a lawyer.

Application for Extension of Time to File Brief (APP-006) November 17, 2010

Speech to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors October 26, 2010

Appeal's Court 15 day Notice on Appellant's Opening Brief November 1, 2020

Supreme Court: petition and stay denied October 13, 2010

H035318: Application for Extension of Time to File Brief (APP-006) August 26, 2010

Application for Extension of Time to File Brief (APP-006) August 9, 2010

Supreme Court Extension Request July 30, 2010
Service on the Court accepted by: Robert Toy as the clock struck 5 (earlier: Inez Calanoc, Jorge Navarette)

Application for Extension of Time to File Brief (APP-006) July 13, 2010

Stay Requested June 21, 2010

Complaint: First Papers
4.2 Mb, be patient (Revised 8-31-10, 9-05-10, 9-07-10)
double-spaced 12pt type version

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Information Sheet

Some notes:
"signature on file"

Sixth District Court of Appeal

Application for Extension of Time to File Brief (APP-006)



 6-21-10 (default filing of my AOB)  

 7-13-10    8-9-10    
3/2/10: Declaration of my Notice to Appeal in Full  Case # H035318
12/1/09: Notice of Appeal Case # H035035
RDS Healthcare Consulting - a lack of accountability, unclear supervision
Everyone knows it's broken
"You can't fix it" Dr. Florence Keller told me. "..or maybe you can"
I don't know why she had any doubts or hopes whatever:

National Medical Enterprises: 1992
Psychiatric Institutes of America (a subsidiary of NME)

The New York Times:
8 Big Insurers Sue National Medical Enterprises
National Medical Faces Second Suit by Insurers
Paying for Fraud/A special report.; Mental Hospital Chains Accused of Much Cheating on Insurance (5 pages)
Nearly Half of Suits Settled, Medical Enterprises Says
Chain of Mental Hospitals Faces Inquiry in 4 States
National Medical Enterprises Selling 28 Hospitals

National Medical Enterprises
(all articles in printable PDF format)

"The overwhelming majority of patients are the subject of outside third-party utilization review or case management."
"..and that she had talked to a lawyer who said she would probably lose if she went to court."

1-08-CV-109152 Dismissed

But a few years later in spite of the victory by the insurance companies, the problem just won't go away.
Because it's just too profitable.

 Psychiatric Solutions Inc.
"How to make a $Billion"
 "No one will be turned away"

Legal Aspects of Hospital Psychiatry
Harvey Dondershine, MD, JD
"..a lack of legal defenses"

The Rosenhan Experiment (1969, published 1973):
Wikipedia: Not a single one of the sane "fake" patients were ever discovered
On Being Sane In Insane Places (by David Rosenhan)
Video clip (2.3 minutes): David Rosenhan (in his own words)
wish they would fix that lip sync problem on the YouTube version:

I saw it for the first time on 11/6/2013:
David L. Rosenhan (1929 – February 6, 2012)
When I discovered his paper (late in 2010), I didn't think he'd still be living.  And had absolutely no idea he had been a professor at Stanford for the last 4 decades and was residing here locally.  I wish someone had told me this so I could have thanked him personally for his work.  That rings as true today as it did 4 decades ago.
My Community Service Award Nominee -- "In Memoriam"
Neither our Mental Health Director (present or past) nor anyone on our Mental Health Board knew who he was.
An internationally reknown professor of law and psychology, unknown to and never recognised by the county in which he lived and died.  (GM - 4/20/15)

 El Camino Hospital

"IS  there any supervision?"  I asked.

Phone Directory
El Camino Hospital Board

El Camino Hospital Board Speech April 14, 2010
El Camino Hospital Speech for 8-11-10  (not allowed to give)   PDF
Wes Alles deserves another term.
Leadership begins with listening -- and the quality thereof reflected therein.
(thanks for doing it so well)  -- 9/28/2012

"Keep plugging away at it."
were the words he left me with.  Why was he wasting all that time listening to all of those voice mails of mine when he should have been actively campaigning for reelection?  You came in fourth.
"Hear ye, hear ye..!" trumpets the Town Crier ringing the bell..
"Our beats are too long to be walked anymore.."
Nevertheless, they ALL must be told.
And for whom does the bell toll?
"When are you going to do that?" Judge Cabrinha demanded.
It tolls for me.
"Probably three years .. could be longer .. depending on how it was done" Marc Buller told me.
But can it be tolled?  Can it ever be told?

I could use some assistance:
The American Bar Association
The State Bar of California
Santa Clara County Bar Association
A pro-bono lawyer .. someone who will help me with no expectation of any reward whatever.
Just a few crumbs of their time is all I ask.  Telephone support.
Who will defend them all from my suit on behalf of all those who can't afford it?
"I don't work for free" (former DA George Kennedy) .. at least he was honest about it.

Click here for latest court date (they're a lot better in keeping up to date than I am)

Charities: "buyer beware"
"paved with good intentions"
Section 384 of the Code of Civil Procedure -- "cy près",
IOLTA, grants, trusts, et. al. ..
has produced a class of unpaid plaintiffs
"I want our money back!"
And I want it all turned into:
Law Stamps
(Food stamps are very effective in helping poor people solve the problem)
"I see what you're saying"  Judge Cabrinha
"You make a ton of sense"  Jil Dalesandro

The City of San Jose
10-27-09: My problem is that I'm slow.  And prone to writer's block.  It's so frustrating to "know what it all is" and be held up by this problem.  I do far better 'on my feet' verbally.  The City Council (a defendant) was smiling when I looked up (what a surprise).  "But more importantly you're a plaintiff" I told them.

11-3-09: A week later.  Half hour late for the City Council meeting ("the story of my life").  So I dropped off more papers at the City Clerk's office and went up to the 16th floor to find out from the City Attorney's office if Chris Bielecki would be willing to join me as a plaintiff.  Looking for an answer.  "It means you'll have to leave".  Richard Doyle was smiling the week before.  I know it will be painful for him to read it. 



December 3, 2009


Second Amended Complaint
Sept. 28, 2009

My mis-titiled SAC

A Filing Question

July 6, 2009 My first Motion Some "plain English" please.

"Who do you sue?"
from the 6-1-09 CM-020 filing (updated 7-03-10)


The extensions (CM-020's)
filing dates, all as I recall just the 'day before' they were due

Aug 25, 2008 Oct 27, 2008 Jan 5, 2009 Feb 2, 2009 March 9, 2009 April 13, 2009 June 1, 2009 Dec 3, 09

Stop the Clock!

March 19, 2006
-- the clock starts ticking.

"Probably three years .. could be longer .." depending on how it was done
Marc Buller told me when I asked him what the statute of limitations would be on framing an innocent officer with an assault and batteryI filed it with the court on March 27, 2008.  I called County Counsel and gave them the case number etc.  Again and again..  I offered to send John Winchester a copy Oct 7, 2008.  No, said he'd pick it up at the court.  I filed it with Lori Pegg last Feb 10, 2009 after having served the BOS publicly with it in my speech to them.  I asked Mark Bernal (County Counsel) to give page 13 of First Papers to the DA (Dolores Carr).  And still have heard nothing.  So I mailed it to the DA.  Marked "Personal".  Nothing.  So (8/17/09) I visited the DA's office personally to find out what was going on and met Richard Tietgens who didn't know but gave me the impression that he knew the DA personally and would be able to find out.  Later in an email (8/24/09) he told me "I have been advised that the District Attorney's Office is not involved with your case." referring me back to Mark Bernal.  So I called Richard Tietgens back thinking the DA told him that.  Only to discover it was a secretary who told him this (not the DA).

Santa Clara County is run just like a company with a Board of Directors appointing a "CEO" to run it, only it's the Board of Supervisors (aka the 'BOS') who appoints a "County Executive" (or "CE") to run it who directs all of the subordinate offices including County Counsel. The "CE" used to be Pete Kutras, Jr. before he resigned Oct. 31, 2008.  After which Gary Graves took over as Acting County Executive.  I was mailed a letter by the County Counsel's office instructing me to have no further communication whatever with the DA.  This letter was dated and mailed to me on August 31, 2009.  Gary Graves last day in office.

I visited the DA's office again (10/2/09) and left the evidence with John Savala.  And I filed it verbally with the court Aug 26, 2009.  Witnessed by Judge Cabrinha, Mark Bernal Esq., Barry Marsh Esq., Melody Dickinson (court reporter), Deputy M. Wyllie (bailiff).

"These are officers who put their lives on the line for me!"
Were the words I left with them.  And it matters not one whit as to whether it was a false alarm.  It's still the same.

Everyone disappeared.  Save the bailiff.  Standing.  And did not look at me.  Waiting..  "We're all waiting on Dolores" (Lee Sturtevant, just after the DA took office).  "We take my Oath of Office seriously" -- why isn't it "our" and why don't I see this quote from Dolores on their website anymore?

8-28-09, 11-4-09, 11-08-09, 11-20-09

9/28/09: a message that's there when you need it: "it's an honor to be in your presence" (thanks)

A Judgment on The Media
"You could get sued" (I've heard it myself).  Elizabeth Kearny commented about how all these publishers fear it.  Have they all become "sue shy"?  What's the cure for "a bunch of pusillanimous yellow-bellied lily-livered namby pambys trembling in fear of being sued by their own shadow"  How do you plead?  "Not guilty!, your honor".  Well, then you'll have to prove to the court's satisfaction something you've done that's been courageous (thanks for "showing an interest" Judge Judy, it meant a lot to me).

True Blue Pro-Bono
(yes, they do exist in this world)
James Gottstein, Esq. & two other candidates for knighthood:
Jeffrey E. Cunningham, RPS
Bill Copeland (fellow writer)

Thanks for believing in me, your support and for taking the time to sign and mail all those proofs of service.
Thank you all.

p.s: and David L. Norris who I need to help show how to set up a CISS (Continual Ink Supply System) .. (after I get mine set up).

8-26-09:  Visitors from Moscow.  hmm..

'tis I, Geoffrey Mangers: